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Be Seen on the Web
How can you be sure you’re being found? First, hire an ISP that has site reporting.  Next, what are the keywords linking the world to your site? How do you figure this out? Research and testing. Start by brainstorming keywords that you think might work. Then go to your favorite search engine and simply, search these keywords. Are you there? Who comes up? Are they related to your site? Once you have a list of keywords you think will work we can check our resources to see how many people key in these words to make sure they will work for you. 

This example is prime: See web site we designed for a local San Francisco Bay Area artist at www.robertwalkerart.com. Initially we thought the keywords “watercolor paintings”, “original watercolors”, “modern art” and “gallery watercolors” would work the best. Wow did we guess wrong! We actually found out that “art gallery” was the relevant term searched for the most; but there are thousands of art galleries on the web. When we refined our search to terms that reflected this artists’ style such as, “african art”, “black art”, “African american art” and “African American artwork” we found them more often than “art gallery”. Since our artist is African American, we setup some web pages with these keywords and increased his traffic many times. These were terms that were being searched for and the more specific keywords were easier to get into the top ten listing.

Our Services
The most minimal service is a one-time search positioning engagement until the most advantageous position is attained for search positioning. The second most time consuming is web site design according to customer specifications with key words for search positioning. And the most comprehensive service is designing the web page from the ground up by first identifying the key words and then submitting the web page to search engines according to those key words for optimal exposure and finalizing the web site for most favorable exposure to potential customers. 

An additional feature that can improve site positioning is linking sites to each other. There are several sites for which reciprocal linking is conducted which optimizes their search results. There also may be some vital pages that need to be added to these sites which help the search engine find all the web pages of one site.

Submission of web sites to directories is also a possibility for higher positioning. Directories provide listings from more than one search engine and may also search online publications, a specific industry, yellow pages or specific database.