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A web site is evolutionary. A basic, good looking, easy to use web site is preferable to consumers. Too many gadgets, icons, pictures and gimmicks slow down the download and you may end up losing a potential customer or client. Why spend weeks designing an expensive web site when a simpler, less expensive site might work better for you and your budget?

Creative Carpentry

One of our more recent designs
Creative Carpentry, Missoula, MT

  • Secondly, getting traffic to the site is very important. It may take several weeks to get the search engines to find your site and list it high enough for potential customers to find it. You made an investment to market your wares online - what’s the use if the public can’t find you? If your site is not being found, you’re wasting your money.

    However, once we get you found and you start getting some feed back on what is working for you, then we will help to improve your site based on real information. Then get the improvements to the search engines and whammo! - you’re in business!

    Utilizing the latest of technologies, aSureFit.com,Inc. has the ability to design a professional, attractive, speedy web site that is accessible from over 99.9% of the world's web browsing and multimedia capable Internet software. This combined with a creative and powerful design team plus designer interaction with our customers assures that a quality and pleasing site is created to be used to further your needs. Also, we utilize our professional and technical skills, to preplan all of our site designs, so that by the time your site is created, it requires minimal design time - keeping design costs low and productivity high. Our talented and experienced sales staff will assist you in making the best possible choices to help you meet your needs.
  • HTML web page design
  • Java Script - Example:(menus, animated images, photo galleries)
  • E-Commerce solutions - Using the latest of technologies, we can incorporate your credit card transactions, with your web site to ensure the most complete security and availability of products.
  • Database solutions - aSureFit now offers database solutions that allow people to manage multiple products and site options with a minimum of design work. Some database solutions include sites that record customer data and take credit card information.
  • Graphical Design - Upon request, we will offer to our customer's graphic design and layout services for site graphics, logos and web site work at our low hourly cost.