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Irfan View Instructions

Start Irfan View

  • File >>> Open to edit a picture of a painting.
  • File >>> Thumbnails opens another screen that shows all the pictures in the folder. This is VERY useful for finding pictures. Just double click on a picture and it open in Irfan View.
  • To resize and shrink file size: Image >>> Resize/Resample
Irfan View

Pick a width or height and let IrfanView calculate the other.


  • Width should be 1200 or less. About 750 will porbably be good.
  • Now save the file as a New Name so that you don't loose the original: File >>> Save As >>>
Irfan View

If you are saving the for use on a web site "Save Quality" should be 70 to 80.

Now choose OK and then Save.

That should do it!