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Add a New Font to Your Computer

For Windows XP:

1) Start Botton > Settings > Control Panel
2) Choose Fonts and double click.
3) On the File menu, click Install New Font.
4) Click the drive (this could be a CD) and folder that contain the fonts you want to add.
5) Double-click the icon for the font you want to add.

Installing fonts on Windows Vista and Win7 is probably very similar.


To select more than one font to add, press and hold down the CTRL key, and then click the fonts you want.

For TrueType, Raster, or Adobe Type 1 fonts, you can also add the font by dragging the appropriate files to the Fonts folder. If you want to see the file extensions in Windows  Explorer, click View, click Options, and then click the View tab. Clear the Hide File Extensions For Known File Types check box.
To add fonts from a network drive without using disk space on your computer, make sure that the Copy Fonts To Fonts Folder check box is clear. Note that this is only available when you install TrueType or Raster fonts with the Install New Font menu option.