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Resume - Multidisciplinary Mechanical Engineer / Scrum Master / PHP Programmer.

Rick Larson
177 Sam Hill Rd
Guilford, CT 06437

Willing and able to relocate.

General Background

Multidisciplinary engineer with Mechanical Engineering skills supported by a degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo with many years computer programming and managing programmers utilizing the Agile software development approach. The mechanical engineering work experience is varied from medical equipment design and production to experimental private space vehicle design. Responsibilities have varied and increased with experience. Also an experienced Web Developer with background in design, development, programming and marketing.

Engineering System Coordinator

Mechanical Engineer / Scrum Master / PHP Programmer. Utilizing interdisciplinary skills to manage the development of Architectural Products engineering system and several subsystems. This system is central to all programmed system since manufacturing, costing, bills of material, production planning, pricing, drafting, billing and most business logic are connected to this system. Bilco is a Lean, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company with plants in USA and Mexico. Also developed a tablet based Lean labor recording system and online web based automated customer drawing application.

The Bilco Company - August/2011 to Present
37 Water St, West Haven, CT 06516

Operations Manager / Mechanical Engineer

Primary responsibility is the design of a lightweight, high-load ladder for introduction to the fire service as a cost-effective, safe alternative to existing equipment. The design is the result of several years of research into improving the annual ladder testing required by the National Fire Protection Association. The goals of the project require using advanced production composites including carbon and fiberglass. Concurrently managing the daily operations of the nondestructive testing service provided by Testing Associates. Past work includes researching the use of acoustic emission testing techniques on ground ladders and aerials for the fire service and providing testing and repairs of ground ladders. Designed and built repair and testing equipment, including Ladder Testing Rental Kit, Portable Loading System and other various tools to simplify and streamline repair operations. Developed, introduced and implemented sales program creating an entirely new market for acoustic emission testing for the fire service. Trained all sales employees while maintaining contacts database and managing the daily operations of the business.

Testing Associates - March/94 – December/98
187 Airport Blvd. / Half Moon Bay, California 94019

Mechanical Engineer

Designed device for infusion of fluids into medical patients from concept through production prototype and testing utilizing a PC-based CAD program. Managed overall production of other lines of medical products produced by the company. As a result of funding limitations, position was eliminated.

Creative Medical Design - April/92 - June/93
870 Gold Flat Road / Nevada City, California 95959

Mechanical Engineer

Redesigned pharmaceuticals handling machine, including packaging resulting in significant machine performance improvement and production cost reduction. Designed and/or redesigned approximately fifteen other company products, using existing CAD program, achieving design improvements and cost efficiencies while interfacing with element manufacturers and other suppliers. Developed automated test equipment to accompany several existing company products while concurrently supervising production of disposable items intended for use with pharmaceuticals.

Keller Medical, Inc. - September/91 - April/92
1300 East Main Street / Grass Valley, California 95945

Machine Designer

Designed complex machine for manufacturing disc filters for primary use in medicine which consisted of many elements including laser, laser optics, ultrasonic welder, computer control, pick and place and pneumatic systems. Responsible for the entire design, fabrication and implementation of this equipment.

Healthtek, Inc. - June/91 - September/91
870 Gold Flat Road / Nevada City, California 95959

Research and Development Engineer

Researched various aspects of a proprietary heating/soldering technology demanding multi-disciplinary requirements of diverse areas of mechanical and electrical engineering. Redesigned existing product for improved performance while leading in the initial development of biomedical equipment. Designed machines and fixtures for product reliability testing and patent defense. Significant contributions included the elevation of the Metcal art to a science.

Metcal, Incorporated - September/84 - July/87
3704 Haven Court / Menlo Park, California 94025

Systems Engineer

Primary contributions included the design, development, assembly and testing of the thrust vector control system for an experimental hybrid rocket which heart of the control system involved several high speed, state of the art, cryogenic valves. Company goal to launch satellites into orbit through the development of privately designed, built and funded vehicles.

Starstruck, Incorporated - April/83 - September/84
837 Second Avenue / Redwood City, California 94063

Computer Experience

Web Designer/Developer / Web Marketer / Computer Consultant
Self-employed as a web designer/developer and computer consultant in Missoula, Montana focusing on web related projects, small office networking and general problem solving. Experience primarily in the software area with hardware related issues as needed. Currently developing several web sites with DreamWeaver and Photoshop for design and PHP and MySQL for dynamic sites. Familiar with Win95, Win98, WinNT and WinXP operating systems. Design experience is backed up by an interest in art and design and many college classes in art including drawing, watercolor, graphic arts and ceramics. Experienced with optimizing web pages for search engines and submitting to them using automated and manual techniques.

AsureFit.com, Inc. - Jan/99 to Present
2602 Highwood Dr., Missoula, MT 59803

Computer Consultant
Worked on site 10 to 15 hours on a weekly basis maintaining approximately fifteen computers consisting of Pentiums or 486’s using Win 95 or 98 on a peer to peer network. Key responsibilities included installing and setting up new computers and software, debugging hardware and software problems, backing up critical documents, maintaining network and performance optimization for crash prevention with main goal to have an operating computer for all the legal and support staff during working hours. Continued support from Missoula over the phone and through the Internet with monthly visits to the office for about 8 months .

White & Lee LLP - March/98 – December/98 rehired May/99 to Feb/2000
545 Middlefield Rd., Suite 250, Menlo Park, California 94025

Other Computer Experience

Programming languages
PHP, MySQL, Fortran and Basic
Senior project was a computer simulation of a wind turbine using Fortran.
Designed and programmed an automated testing machine in Basic.
Wrote scheduling and bookkeeping program with Lotus Symphony macros.
Maintained and repaired $50,000 acoustic emissions computer used for nondestructive testing.


California Polytechnic State University San Louis Obispo, California
Degree: BS Mechanical Engineering
College of the Redwoods Eureka, California
Solano Community College Fairfield, California

Resume - Multidisciplinary Mechanical Engineer / Scrum Master / PHP Programmer.