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A Digital Sign Network TM is an exclusively designed way to get your businesses information in front of potential customers. A digital sign is placed at various high traffic locations throughout western Montana but mostly in local business in Missoula. This opportunity is a great advertising method for more exposure of your business at a very reasonable cost.

There are two ways to advertise on our Digital Sign Network™(DSN):

  1. Be a host of a digital sign for the network and receive advertising at another location of your choosing for free
  2. Choose not to be a host and pay $50 per month per location to advertise at a location of your choosing

What is a Digital Sign?
A digital sign is a short 15 second video, sort of like a commercial, for your business, that is played on a network. This network consists of many locations and you can choose to advertise at 4 locations for free if you decide to host a sign at your business. Each location runs a specific set of ads and they run 24 times per hour 24 hours per day or during business hours. Upon agreeing to host a sign, in order to continue receiving free advertising at the 4 locations, you will have to agree to host a sign for at least 6 months.

Where is a digital sign Located?
Any high traffic location inside a business, such as a retail store, convenience store, salon, mall, etc.

Why would a business display ads for another business at their location?
Each business that hosts a digital sign gets 4 digital ads at another location in exchange for hosting the digital sign at no cost. By hosting a sign, this business will be provided advertising of their product and/or service at another locations with no out of pocket expenses. We will ensure that no conflicting ads will be placed at a competitor's business.

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