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May 12 2010

The First Step to Fixing a Problem is to Admit you have a Problem

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Today the Missoulian reported about research into the state of the  economic development climate in Missoula.   This is a brutally honest report on trying to start a business in Missoula.  It states that Missoula is “woefully deficient, dysfunctional, ineffective and without direction or leadership” .  Those are harsh words describing an outsider’s view.  Mayor Engen [...]

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May 12 2010

Interesting Montana Stories

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Butte employers report improved business climate
Hellgate students win award with ball-kicking robot Mr. T

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Montana Cooperative Development Center Receives Government Funding (0)

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Sep 18 2009

Montana Cooperative Development Center Receives Government Funding

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A Great Falls-based nonprofit that provides technical assistance to cooperatives was awarded a $200,000 grant Tuesday from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The grant to Montana Cooperative Development Center, Inc., was part of approximately $4.8 million in grants announced by Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan.  Keep Reading Article
By Tribune Staff • September 16, 2009
Publisher:  Great Falls [...]

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Sep 10 2009

A Bozeman’s Couple’s Simple Idea Hits the NFL

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Who says there are no more simple profitable ideas.
Bozeman couple’s ice boot scores with NFL teams
By GAIL SCHONTZLER Chronicle Staff Writer
Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.
A Bozeman couple has invented a neat solution to a problem faced by millions of athletes n how to hold ice on an injured ankle or foot in a [...]

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Aug 31 2009

Missoula Business having Success

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Customizing Airstreams a busy Missoula business
Rory Burmeister sits atop an Airstream that he and his crew are in the process of restoring at his Missoula shop. For the past year, Burmeister has made a full-time job of finding old Airstreams and restoring them for resale. KURT WILSON/Missoulian

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