May 12 2010

The First Step to Fixing a Problem is to Admit you have a Problem

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Today the Missoulian reported about research into the state of the  economic development climate in Missoula.   This is a brutally honest report on trying to start a business in Missoula.  It states that Missoula is “woefully deficient, dysfunctional, ineffective and without direction or leadership” .  Those are harsh words describing an outsider’s view.  Mayor Engen is credited with commissioning the research and it is impressive that the researchers actually took a logical approach and then their findings were publicly reported.

The group getting the most criticism was Missoula Area Economic Development Corp, the group most responsible for promoting the Missoula economy and getting paid to do this.  Of course their statement is that they are underfunded and understaffed for the project.  Whether they under supported or just incompetent will be up to the people and leaders of Missoula to decide.  It is a major step forward to admit there is a problem.

Missoulian Article:  Economic development experts say Missoula efforts deficient, need reorganization

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