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The Arc Connecticut Family Hearing Day – 2017

Below is a copy of the announcement that The Arc Connecticut emailed this week.  Please attend if you have a Special Needs child or are interested in supporting these children and their families. Please note that the RSVP links go to Arc’s website.  Thanks, Rick

This is an important day to show legislators the numbers and the power of the I/DD community.  Whether you plan to testify or not,
please plan to come and bring others with you!

The Arc Connecticut Family Hearing Day at the Capitol!

TUESDAY, February 7, 2017
Legislative Office Building, Room 2C
300 Capitol Ave, Hartford


(Come early to sign up to testify & get a seat!)


The I/DD Caucus and legislative leaders will assemble again this year to dedicate their focus and attention on hearing from people with I/DD and their families. This is an opportunity no other community has. Make the most of it by showing up!

Lawmakers are currently facing yet another $1.3 billion deficit, and even larger deficits are predicted in coming years. As a result, families can expect to see budget proposals that will include massive cuts in services for people with I/DD. Nothing can be taken for granted anymore! 

Making progress is in these difficult times will require that all who have services and all who need services do your part. Fighting to keep the services you have and to get the services you are still waiting for is up to you!


Sharing your story: Tips for writing testimony.

Your testimony should be your story, in your words. Why are you testifying? What do legislators need to know about you, your family, and your current situation to help them protect funding and make good policy decisions for people with I/DD?

Please be aware that due to the large number of people in attendance, not all who come will have the chance to testify in person, but everyone can and should submit written testimony.

All testimony submitted to will be made available to legislators on the I/DD Caucus.

Guidelines for preparing testimony:

  • Name
  • Town
  • A thank you to Caucus leaders, Representative Jay Case, Representative John Hampton, Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr. and to legislators on the I/DD Caucus for hearing your testimony.
  • The name and age of your loved one with I/DD.
  • What funding/supports if any, do you currently have? What do those supports mean to your loved one with I/DD and your family?
  • How would losing those supports impact your family?
  • Are you on a DDS waiting list for supports?
  • How does not having the supports you need impact your family?
  • What are your concerns/fears for the future for your loved one with I/DD?
  • What can legislators do to help your family?



Getting There is More than Half the Battle

You can make a difference

Here is a well researched article from Wire Magazine about living with disabilities.  It is about hailing a taxi but delves into the issues that make this difficult.  Uber and others are applying tech to this service and it is having an effect on people.  There are two sides to this and it is getting better for some and worse for others.  Hopefully self driving cars will solve this dilemma.

Here is the article:  Uber’s Business Isn’t Built to Help Disabled People by Issie Lapowsky.  It is somewhat dated in that it is over a year old but not that much has changed.

Speechless – Funny and Too True

Just for fun you really need to see Speechless.  It is so very funny but as absurd as the situations are there is an element of true there.  This is because it is based on the life of the writer, creator Scott Silveri.  There are highs and lows but in the end I think you will enjoy it.  You will certainly view disability in a different way.

This interview of Scott Silveri, who is the show creator, writer and executive producer really explains that the basis of the show and why it is important.  To me it shows the true nature of living with disability while doing so in a funny and sometimes heart warming way.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it 98% with 70% of viewers say they liked it.  They are nearing the end of the first season so catch it on Hulu or your cable network.