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Service. This word is the trademark of our web marketing company. We take pride in the fact that we take the time to learn about your business needs and build a website and marketing around your ideals. Rather than using a cookie cutter approach, we look at your goals and ideas for your website and suggest what might work best for your company. It could be a blog or an online newsletter; a presence on social media like Twitter or Facebook or an e-commerce site to get your goods out to the public. It really depends on your product or service. Are you local or national? Do you want to be international?

If you have an idea or product that you would like to get on the internet, we are very interested in discussing various options with you. There is no charge for the initial meeting. Call us now to schedule at meeting. 406-251-3024.

Problem Solved: Have you ever run into a friend and found out he/she purchased your product or service from a competitor? Why didn't they go to you? It seems likely they just FORGOT you sell that product or have that service. It is a common problem for businesses. At aSureFit.com, we keep you on the front of their mind by providing email newsletters, social media, up-to-date e-commerce sites, blogs, etc. The right mix of media will keep potential customers thinking of you and that is the first step and making a sale.

The next step is to have great content.  We can help you tell your story by interviewing you and key people and then writing the content for you. Communicating your business effectively is key to getting that sale.

If you haven't visited our web site in a while, several new web sites have been added to our work pages. There is also new E-Commerce services that allow web sites to accept credit cards without requiring a merchant account.

Do you need more traffic to your web site? We are constantly finding new ways to get top priority listing with search engines and directories. Do you know the value of each visitor to your web site? In other words, how many visitors do you need to complete a sale and what is that sale worth to you? If it's worth a nickel or more per visit there is a way to get listed #1 with several top search engines. Be Seen On The Web - today. Contact us at or 406-251-3024 to find out more.

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